MODERATE • 3 Miles • 3-4 Hours

Today’s hike is easy to find, simple to follow and gives you a great workout and awesome views.

The Mount Snow Summit trail to the top of the Green Mountain National Forest is the most straightforward hike in the Dover, Wilmington region of Vermont.


mount snow elevation



1900-3500' elevation


1600' elevation change


To get there, simply take Route 100 north about 2 miles from the center of West Dover until you see the Mount Snow Resort signs.

The best place to park is in the Sundance parking lot which is the first lot you see as you’re pulling into the resort. The base of the mountain is right in front of you. Leaving the parking lot, follow the footpath to the right, walking behind the Grand Summit Hotel. You’re looking for the Grand Summit Express Lift.

Once you’ve found it, just follow it straight to the top of the mountain. The elevation change is immediate and constant all the way up. The total change is about 1,600 feet. There’s a restaurant at the top if you need a refresher, but it’s not always open. Check with the front desk at the hotel first if you’re going to rely on it for a pit stop. From the summit you’ll have beautiful views of the Deerfield Valley below.